What is a Phishing Scam? How it Works and How to Avoid it.


Phishing is a cybercrime in which scammers try to trick you in order to steal information or money. Phishing attacks can occur through email, phone calls, texts, instant messaging, or social media. Attackers are after your personal information: usernames, passwords, credit card information, Social Security numbers.

 An attack can have devastating results. For individuals, this includes unauthorized purchases, the stealing of funds, or identify theft.

 Every phishing scam will vary in its sophistication, so some emails may be very obviously fake while other emails can be incredibly convincing.

 If you ever suspect an email is a phishing attack, do not click on any links or download any attached files.

Find another way to contact the supposed sender to see if the email is legit. If the email is from a company, you can search online for their phone number. If it's from a friend or colleague, you can message them or give them a call.

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