Unemployment Benefits Scam Alert

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Unemployment Benefits Scam Alert

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We have been informed that several individuals have received information from the New York State Department of Labor related to an application for unemployment benefits filed by the individual, when in fact the individual had not filed for unemployment benefits at all.  If you or someone you know receives a notice from the New York State Department of Labor regarding unemployment benefits that you did not file for, that could indicate that someone is misusing your personal information.  Please click the link below to read the complete newsletter with steps that you can take to help protect your finances and your credit. If your notification is from any other state, please refer to that State’s Department of Labor website.

Please be sure to check out the additional security information that we have posted under the “Customer Security Information” section found in the lower right-hand corner of our home page.  In the Identity Theft section, we have several links available for the Federal Trade Commission as well as the major credit bureaus and others to help you navigate the process.

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