How to protect your money when traveling

Picture this … you’re on a relaxing and enjoyable vacation getaway with your family and friends. You’re out experiencing new places and sounds, completely disconnected from your everyday life.

Unfortunately, while on vacation, it’s too easy to let our guards down, making yourself prey to pickpockets and thieves. We often don’t realize our identities have been compromised until it’s too late.

During your travels, try to take preventative measures to protect your money and identity.

Let your bank know

Before leaving, alert your bank and credit card companies to inform them where you’re going and the travel dates. By informing the bank, they won’t flag any purchases as “unusual activity” while traveling. If it is an unusual purchase, your card would be frozen, blocking access to your money.

With Adirondack Bank’s CardValet®, the mobile app allows you to control your debit card usage and spending on the go. This service lets you lock and unlock your ADK debit card, set and remove spending limits, restrict transactions, and even schedule alerts. It is the most convenient way for letting us know you will be traveling and using your card in other states or countries.

Carry only what you need

Normally, you are likely to carry an assortment of items in your wallet including multiple credit cards, cash, and identification cards. If you know you’ll be traveling, take only what you need. Only bring the forms of currency you’ll use but leave any documents with your Social Security number at home. If you must bring your debit card, store it safely in another spot.

Make copies

Create copies of your important documents including your driver’s license and passport. You should also keep your bank’s contact information on hand. If anything happens, you can prove your identity and cancel anything that’s been stolen.

Don’t keep everything in one place

You would most often keep all your money and identification in one place; however, it is not recommended when traveling. Carry some cash but stash the rest in a safe place.

Watch out for ATMs

Make sure to examine any ATMs when you travel for anything loose, altered, or broken on the machine. It could be tampered with.

Take your credit card

Try to use your credit card if you have one instead of your debit card. Your debit card gives you direct access to your account, putting more risk if it’s stolen. Credit cards are safer since the money won’t immediately be taken from your account.

Protect your valuables

Don’t put your wallet in the most obvious places such as your purse or back pocket. Consider wearing a money belt to keep your money safe. When you are in the hotel room, lock everything up if you can. If not, find a secure place to put it. Most importantly, don’t put anything of value in your checked bags.

Monitor your card activity

Keep an eye on your card activity to catch any fraudulent charges. When you’re traveling, be careful you are in a secure area and log out of your accounts when done. You can even contact the credit card company directly by phone to review any charges.

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