Post-holiday shopping tips and strategies

You may find some great deals while shopping during the holidays, but what about after the holidays? You might stumble on some amazing savings.

Here are our tips for after-holiday shopping:

Shop ahead

After the holidays is the best time to stock up on items for next year including wrapping paper, cards, and home décor. Typically, holiday décor prices are deeply discounted so check out the sales racks right after Christmas.

Shop for in-season goods

Shop for in-season items such as clothing and accessories. Though there are discounts like Black Friday deals, it’s best to wait until after January 1 to get a better savings. For electronics, wait until after the annual Consumer Electronics Show in early January. That is when new technology products are featured, helping retailers decide what products to discount.

Not-so-easy returns

Each retailer’s return policy varies, so make sure to check the disclosures before returning anything. Some retailers may offer extended holiday return deadlines, but it is recommended to verify any return deadlines printed on your receipts or the retailer’s website. Policies may vary depending on the item purchased. You may have a shorter return for electronics than clothing.

Don’t limit your shopping to one store

You may have your favorite store but try shopping at different retailers for the best deals.

Look for seasonal packaging

Everyday items such as paper towels, hand soaps, and dish soap may be packaged for the holidays. You may find these items at cheaper prices after the holidays.

Search the entire store

Don’t just search in the holiday-themed aisles or endcaps. Search the entire store for anything with holiday packaging. You never know what you might find mixed in with the everyday items.

Follow on social media

Find stores you love and follow their social media pages. There are also groups devoted to following specific stores that will share any clearance finds.

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