Ways to increase the value and appeal to your home

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, but did you know you can add value to your home?

If you want to build equity or get top dollar when you sell, here are some tips to help raise your home’s value.

Spruce up the exterior

Boost your home’s curb appeal by making updates such as replacing the siding, painting or landscaping. It can make a difference in the appearance of your home. Even making larger changes, such as a new roof or updating your front porch, can transform your property and increase the value.

Update the interior

Don’t forget that your home’s interior is equally important as the exterior. Though you can style your home with décor to attract a greater interest, consider completing renovations to add to the value of your home. Making updates to your bathroom or remodeling the kitchen, for instance, could bring a higher return on investment because they can be major selling points for buyers.

Update your technology

Consider increasing your home’s value and appeal by replacing outdated technology – such as your thermostat or security system – with new and improved systems that provide more safety and comfort.

Increase energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency of your home can save you money and increase the value. These improvements – large or small scale – can include double-paned windows, enhanced attic insulation, LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances. You could also consider solar panels on the roof. They could not only help reduce current monthly utility bills, they could also increase your home’s value.

Expand the square footage

Square footage can impact your home’s value. To boost the value, consider some upgrades including adding a deck or building extra rooms. Besides expanding, you could update an existing structure. This could include finishing your basement or knocking down walls to create an open layout in your home. This could increase the usable square footage and overall value.

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