Black Friday shopping tips and strategies

The holiday season is in full swing, and you’re ready to begin your shopping for family and friends. But are you ready for Black Friday?

If you’re heading out to get the best deals and sales, we break down some tips and strategies that will make your Black Friday shopping stress-free.

Shop early

You may not need to wait for Black Friday. Some sales may start days or weeks ahead of Black Friday. Not only will you get the best deals, but you may also get the more popular products before they sell out. If you shop online, be sure to place your orders early. Making your purchases early can ensure your gifts arrive on time.

Create a budget

Plan early for the holiday shopping season by creating a budget. You’ll know exactly what you can afford to spend on gifts. Browse retailers’ ads and look for products in your price range. You’ll be less tempted to impulse buy when you have a list.

Check stores policies in advance

Review retailers and stores’ price-match and return policies. Some stores may suspend price-match guarantees on certain items during Black Friday weekend, so look at all the details so you won’t get charged a restocking fee if you must return it.

Get social

Follow your favorite retailers on social media to learn about exclusive deals and promotions. Some retailers and stores may reward customers who like or follow them with special incentives and discounts.

Use loyalty programs

Loyalty programs give members early access to coupons, sales and promotions while earning rewards. Sign up for shopping alerts so that you can gain access to the best deals. The products you want may be in stock or eligible to buy online and pick up in-store, saving you money on shipping.

Shop online

Check online to see what types of promotions several major retailers may be offering over Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. They usually have both in-store and online deals.

Compare prices

Price shop for the gifts on your list to find the best value. Search for the item and compare the prices online at any of the major retailers. Some stores may give special offers such as a bonus gift card.

Look for cheap or free shipping

Maximize your savings with cheap or free shipping. Many retailers change their policies around the holiday season, dropping the order minimum for free standard shipping. You could also order online and pick up in-store to save on shipping and fees. Check store policy details for more details.

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