Ways to stay safe and aware when using an ATM

ATMs offers us a convenient, easy access way to get cash when banks are closed. However, your personal safety is a priority when using them.

Follow these tips to keep you and your money safe at the ATM:

Protecting your card

  • Make sure to keep your card in a safe place. If it is lost or stolen, immediately contact Adirondack Bank.
  • Memorize your personal identification number (PIN). Don’t give out your PIN or any other personal information to anyone or write it down.

Inspecting the ATM

  • Visually inspect the ATM for possible skimming devices before using. Focus on the front, card slot and keypad. Scammers can attach skimming devices to read cards to collect personal information including your PIN. Some indicators include evidence of adhesive, scratches, loose or extra attachments, resistance when using keypad, or changes to keypad’s appearance. If you see anything out of place at the ATM, go to another one and report it.

Using an ATM

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Try to visit an ATM during the day. Avoid ATMs that are not in visible areas or in poorly lit locations.
  • When using an ATM in a vestibule, make sure to close the door behind you. Don’t let another person follow you in. If you feel unsafe leaving, always carry your cell phone and call for help.
  • As you approach the ATM, have your card ready in your hand.
  • Minimize your time spent at the ATM. Prepare your transactions ahead of time.
  • When entering your PIN, be sure to cover the keypad as you enter it. Use your hands or body to shield the keypad so anyone waiting behind you in line can’t see what you’re entering.
  • Always take your receipt if one is printed. This keeps your account information confidential.
  • Withdrawal minimal cash, making it less risky for thieves to steal.
  • Keep your engine running and doors locked when using a drive-up ATM.
  • When leaving an ATM, put your card and cash away immediately. Wait until you’re in your car or in a secure location to count your money.
  • If you feel like you are being watched or followed, leave immediately. If you are followed in your vehicle, go to the nearest police station or busy parking lot and call for help.

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